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Carl and Diana Lasner

I want to take a moment to thank you for your consistent, extraordinary wisdom in advising me and for your laser focus in marketing our home.

You have an impressive natural capacity for breaking down a complex plan and reducing it to the simplest, essential components. Your particular talent stack, which combines a prodigious work ethic with an ability to prioritize, seems to bring a specific type of perfectionism to your projects. Because you are a perfectionist the photographs were perfect, the video was perfect, the written description in the listing ad was perfect, even the launch date was perfect. In my past life, before I retired, I had occasional exposure to such personalities, These people were rare but I always hired them if I could.

As we had more interaction with you, a wonderful transformation occurred. I began to trust you, to feel tremendous relief in being able to depend upon your analysis and intuition. Listening to the client is also one of your hallmark characteristics. When a client feels heard each additional step is joyful. We always looked forward to our next encounter with you. Dare I say it…we had fun. The fun culminated when you sold our house the first day on the market for $325,000 over our asking price.

Patrice, we loved being a part of this process with you as our listing agent and will miss you terribly.