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Every real estate transaction is unique in its challenges and opportunities so choosing a Realtor with industry-wide perspective and relevant life experience can help smooth the bumps on the path to finding your dream house. Patrice’s diverse background and business experience over the years has allowed her to cultivate keen negotiation skills. (She is a Certified Negotiation Expert –CNE®). These skills combined with her current market knowledge, advertising acumen, and contract and financial expertise provides the groundwork for every step of the process.

Prior to joining Berkshire Hathaway, (and Coldwell Banker prior to that) Patrice was a Senior Mortgage Consultant for more than 10 years, forming strong relationships and business acuity to help navigate the escrow process. She also enjoyed a long run as an Editor at Condé Nast Publications in New York and Los Angeles, a fast-paced, highly disciplined role that still fuels her passion for predicting, interpreting, and acting on trends in the marketplace.

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What Our Clients Say

“If you're looking for market insight, expertise, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to excellence you'll find them all in Patrice. For us, she was more than a real estate agent, she helped guide us through ev...”

Doris & Donald B.

“If we had to describe Patrice in a few words we would say that she is a realtor that goes above and beyond and provides a wealth of knowledge. But that does not suffice! We gave Patrice a tall task to help us find a home in...”

Amalia T.

“Patrice is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is well informed, direct, and concise with her efforts to best present the property and get the price it deserves while at the same time viable in the marketplace. We had a ...”


“Working with Patrice was a true pleasure. She really understood my wants and needs and gave honest, sound advice. Patrice really cared about finding the right house for us, not just selling us a house. It felt like working ...”

Patricia C.

“Patrice Serrani is amazing. She sold my house in Montecito in 5 days for well over the asking price. She was so efficient and knowledgeable the entire process was stress free and smooth. She presented the information so cle...”

Susan B.

“A very calm hard-working team of thorough professionals. Patrice is hands on and deals with the client mostly all the time herself but when she does have a time conflict, her team especially Katelyn are superb and have a ver...”

Kathy M.

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